PC Gubble is now available on Steam. Please go to steampowered.com and search for Gubble for more info.

We are also working on a complete remaster of Gubble in Unity. The game will have a 3D camera, similar gameplay and levels, plus new enemies and levels, time permitting. We're planning on getting this into Steam early access in the fall of 2020.

We are also working on making Gubble 2 available again. The version from 1998 requires Windows 95. 98 or XP, a CD drive, and preferably a 4:3 monitor. In other words, it'll only run on a fairly old sytem. It can be made to run on Windows 10 by using compatibility mode. We are not selling Gubble 2 right now because of these technical issues. We're working on a version that will run on Windows 10, no CD drive required, and support for widescreen monitors.

Actual Entertainment, the developer and publisher of the Gubble series of games, changed its name to Lanzinger Studio as of December 2016. The Actual Entertainment brand is still owned by Lanzinger Studio.

Finally, this website is, well, very old. In fact, it's older than google.com. Really. Watch for a completely overhauled and improved gubble dot com soon.


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